Work For A Boss That Supports You

Work For A Boss That Supports You

The success of a business relies directly on how well the employee’s perform. An employees performance is a result of the managerial support they receive.

A “good” boss will make sure all duties are performed and to an expected level of satisfaction. A “great” boss will inspire and motivate you consistently to perform at your very best.

Working for a company that strives to have “great” bosses will in turn have a more successful business.

When you join a company, you may join because the job itself is a fit. However, employees that leave an organization far more often quit their manager, not their job.

Here’s how to ensure you are working for a boss that supports you:

They motivate you.

Having a boss that motivates you in every way they can is ideal. However, as long as they are setting a high standard continuously for communication, productivity, and professionalism you are likely to feel a satisfactory level of motivation. If there happens to be a slip-up on those items, it is even more so important that your boss does not place blame. A supportive boss will give you constructive criticism and help you develop a plan to not make the same mistake twice. They will motivate you to be the best professional you are capable of being.

You are acknowledged & appreciated.

Now I’m not talking about getting a free lunch or “shout out” for every little task you complete. What I’m referring to is your boss recognizing when you’ve excelled in an area, you beat a deadline, or you simply brought them their cup of coffee that they forgot on the counter in the lunchroom. Having a boss that genuinely acknowledges your efforts and appreciates all of your hard work is so very important in having high morale and being happy within your role.

There’s consistent and fluent communication. 

Open communication is so important. Knowing what exactly is expected of you gives you a clear direction and less room for error. When there’s a lack of communication you and your manager will likely end up with two different ideas for an end goal. I cannot stress enough how incredibly important it is to communicate. Have a boss that doesn’t do this as effectively as you’d like? Do not be afraid to ask questions! Any manager or supervisor would much prefer you to ask questions and do a task right the first time than completing it incorrectly and wasting additional time and resources to re-do it.

You trust them. 

When you can trust your boss it allows for more open communication, increased morale, better relationship building, and room for autonomy within the department. Being able to trust one another allows for you to develop a higher sense of community within your team and the company. Your boss should be supporting you by creating a safe and positive environment that encourages you.

They promote training and development. 

When you’re hired for a position, your manager is likely considering not only how you’ll perform within that job, but if you’ll be a good fit for a promotion down the road. They may even be looking for you to replace them! It’s important to have a boss that promotes your future success and encourages you to continuously develop. Does your manager incorporate your strengths into your daily tasks? Do they provide you with the tools and training you need to be successful?

At the end of the day, consider this:

Is my boss investing as much into me as I am into them and the company? 

Hopefully so! If not, consider whether or not this is having any affect on your effectiveness within your team. Encourage working together with your boss to promote positive and supportive practices and behaviors.

2 thoughts on “Work For A Boss That Supports You

  1. Well said Kelly especially on the communication and trust points. If a manager is completely, “comfortable in their own skin” they will allow transparency and vulnerability to show through which will allow the communication and trust to flow freely in both directions. Our teams need to know what we are thinking and they need to know we are human, thus having weaknesses. Once we can get these things established we can move forward, as one, toward a common cause that is bigger than ourselves.

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