Why HR outsourcing?

HR outsourcing works for a wide variety of companies whether it is the entire HR function or specific processes to ease the burden on your managers and administrative personnel.

HR outsourcing can:

  • Provide you with a professionally certified HR Professional at a lower cost than hiring one on-site.
  • Assist you with HR needs when you need help, customized to your company’s policies and programs.
  • Relieve your work load by handling the day-to-day HR-related issues including employee relations, new hire orientations, documentation, benefits processing, management support and much more.
  • Assist with compliance.
  • Improve morale.
  • Provide peace of mind.
  • Promote consistency.

Utilizing the services of Mixon HR is an ideal solution for organizations that have personnel spending 20-25% of their time on HR-related tasks, but is not quite at the size that would require a full time Human Resources presence.

Mixon HR provides experienced and committed HR presence that can easily manage the HR function of an organization that is on the brink of moving to the next level of success. More importantly, we can do it on a less than full-time basis, which means reduced costs in comparison to employing a full-time HR person.

HR outsourcing provides all the advantages of an in-house HR department without the added cost of employing additional staff.

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