HR Consulting & HR Outsourcing Services

Current economic trends are all but forcing businesses to consider outsourcing administrative duties and tasks to enhance and improve their basic services and remain compliant in an everchanging climate.

By outsourcing the daily HR functions of the business key personnel are better able to focus on the strategic functions of the organization and leave the benefits, payroll, compliance, and other HR-related duties to the professionals.

By doing so, they are increasing productivity, which we all know increases profitability. It’s a win-win!

Mixon HR is also available to assist your existing HR staff in becoming more efficient in their role, resulting in more enabled personnel that can focus on the operational and strategic needs of the business.

HR outsourcing aids small businesses that are in need of an HR professional on a part-time basis. This relieves owners, office managers, and other administrative personnel of the daily tasks surrounding human resources, benefits and/or payroll. Mixon HR can customize HR services based on the immediate and long-term HR needs of your small business.

When do I need HR services?

Who is the employer?

Why HR outsourcing?